We Are All in Need of Some Mending.

The book of Matthew tells us the story of Peter pulling in nets full of fish while John sits in the boat mending the nets which allows Peter to continue his fishing. While many focus on the call to action of being “fisher’s of men”, the role of John’s “mending of the nets” is often overlooked.

During the time of the disciples, fishing nets where made of linen so the nets had to be carefully cleaned and dried each day or they would quickly rot and wear out. One of the most important skills of fishermen was making and mending their nets.

We are God’s nets.  He casts us into the world to be fishers of men and in that casting we get worn, torn and broken.

We are all in need of some mending.

Life is tough. We all get a bit bruised, battered, torn and ripped. And sometimes we just don’t know how to get whole again.

Mending Nets Ministries has a desire to mend the physically, emotionally and spiritually torn. A desire to mend people back to wholeness.

The Body Speaks What the Mind Can’t

Mending Nets Ministries seeks to open up a raw, authentic dialogue around trauma.  We have a passion to talk about what trauma is and want to have honest conversation about its effects on people.  Mending Nets Ministries also has a desire to educate people on how movement and meditation can facilitate healing for those who have trauma. 

Our passion is to work with people who have been disconnected from their mind, body and spirit due to life events.  We believe people’s life stories play an important role on the effects the mind, body and soul.  We seek to facilitate awareness of how past event/situations/trauma can affect how one interacts with present situations. 

Workshops, Speaking Events, In-Depth Sessions, Yoga and Writings

Mending Nets Ministries seeks to facilitate mending through workshops and speaking events about how stress and trauma effect our mind, body, spirit; going deeper with private sessions; mending mind, body, soul with yoga and meditation classes; and writings that discuss faith, trauma and yoga and how they all tie together.

Jennifer also has a passion for speaking to groups about the importance of mending, self care and how our body speaks what our mind cannot. 


Jennifer Swets

With warm authenticity, engaging storytelling and bold humor, Jennifer Swets creates a bridge of safety and discovery in which she invites her audiences to cross. Jennifer is passionate about helping others experience spiritual and emotional healing. She has a heart for ministering to those who are often overlooked or underserved. Jennifer combines her formal education (Degree in Psychology/Master’s in Gerontology) and her certified yoga training (RYF-RYT certification) to deliver compelling keynotes of insight and hope. Being a trauma survivor herself, she empathetically shares many of the truths she’s discovered on her own path to wholeness. Jennifer inspires her audiences to show up authentically, to connect spiritually and to leave profoundly changed.

Jennifer is a married, homeschool mom of four. She loves Jesus, her family, yoga and tacos!